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We can help you get mortgages with arrears, defaults CCJ's, Debt Management, IVA's, Bankrupcy and More! You may have bad credit. Many do from Late Payment, CCJ's Defaults, IVA's, Debt Management Plans and Bankruptcy.

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🔵What bad credit will mortgage lenders accept?

The older the adverse credit event, the better.

Bad Credit Mortgages are available based on your circumstances. We have collated the information found with our experience of mortgage lender criteria. You can use the table as an imperfect guide to determine eligibility for an adverse credit mortgage.

The information is indicative and in no way guarantees you a mortgage. The best way to check if a "Yes" applies to you is to talk to one of our advisors.

We highlight the difference between "secured" and "unsecured" bad credit cases. "Unsecured" is items like personal loans, electric or phone bills. "Secured" applies to second charge loans, mortgages and other finance secured on a property.

0-12 Months1-2 years2-3 years3-4 years4+ years
Late paymentsYesYesYesYesYes
Late payments (Secured)Yes (max 3 late)YesYesYesYes
CCJ’s (Secured)UnlikelyMaybe, with over 25% DepositYesYesYes
Defaults (Secured)UnlikelyMaybe, with over 25% DepositMaybe, with over 20% DepositYesYes
RepossessionsUnlikelyMaybe, with over 25% DepositMaybe, with over 25% DepositYesYes
Debt MGMTMaybeYesYesYesYes
IVAMaybe, with over 25% DepositMaybe, with over 25% DepositMaybe, with over 20% DepositMaybe, with over 20% DepositMaybe, with over 10% Deposit
BankruptcyMaybe, with over 25% DepositMaybe, with over 25% DepositMaybe, with over 20% DepositMaybe, with over 20% DepositMaybe, with over 10% Deposit

🔵Can I get a mortgage if I’ve had a payday loan?

Not all lenders are happy with you having history of payday loans.

A payday loan on your credit file suggests to a lender a time when you needed money quick. It hints to them at budget issues and raises questions about affordability. 

Many mortgage lenders decline applications where you have had a payday loan. There are exceptions! 

If you have a 25% deposit (or equity), then there are ten's of lenders available. Otherwise, it often comes down to how recent your payday loan was taken out. The further in time it was, the more lending options are available.

🔵Can a Guarantor help me get a mortgage?

Having a family guarantor can significantly expand your options when it comes to getting a mortgage.

If you are unable to obtain a mortgage due to bad credit, a guarantor may help.  A family member (or even a friend with certain lenders) can be your guarantor. 

In circumstances where a lender can view you as high risk a person backing you can help lenders feel secure. They sign to say they will pay the mortgage and be liable for the debt if you don't pay.

Not all mortgage lenders offer Guarantor Mortgages. Those that do require your guarantor to own property, have a high enough income and a good credit record.

🔵What mortgage lenders offer bad credit mortgages?

They all accept a little but some lenders can go further than others.

Not all mortgage lenders offer finance for people with bad credit. Those that do want to be assured that it is historic and take a risk on you that it won't happen again. 

Mainstream lenders offer minor allowances. Such as missed payments on mobile phone or utilities. Thankfully there are many none high street lenders offering adverse mortgages.

Each mortgage lender has different criteria. Talking to a specialist mortgage adviser is essential. To identify those mortgage lenders that suit your circumstances.

🔵Can I remortgage with bad credit?

Mortgage options may be limited with bad credit, but remortgaging may still be possible depending on the severity or recency of the adverse event.

Remortgaging, when you have adverse credit, can be more straightforward compared to a purchase. Though only if you did not miss or default on a mortgage payment.

Your current lender may offer a product switch, allowing you to escape the lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR). Not all lenders give such allowances.

Other lenders can view you as a good mortgage borrower even though, for example, you missed a mobile phone payment.

There are more options available for like-for-like remortgaging. Compared to if you want to release monies. Though there are 2nd charge lenders available too for that.

🔵Will a high street lender offer me bad credit mortgages?

We can check for you but it is unlikely is the adverse credit event is recent or significant.

It is often possible to obtain a mortgage with a high street lender even with bad credit. They mainly want prime borrowers lowering the risk of defaults. Except some take a view on your circumstances.

If your adverse credit was less severe (not bankruptcy/repossession) and you have a justifiable reason. Many will take a view, especially if your bad credit is historical and even more so at low Loan to Value (LTV).

Historical Adverse can often be sidelined if you now have a long history of good credit. After a particular time, these bad credit events even drop off your credit file.

You can not hide your adverse credit and will want a specialist mortgage adviser. An adviser can identify the best route for you. That can be high street lenders with more favourable rates.

🔵Do some mortgage lenders specialize in Bad Credit Mortgages?

We have mortgage lenders that specialise in offering mortgages for those with bad credit.

Some specialist mortgage lenders offer mortgages often to bad credit borrowers. Historically known as subprime mortgage lenders, they will take a view.

Unfortunately the due to higher risk, they charge higher rates and fees. It derives from the cost for them obtaining the finance and covering defaults.

These are what we call "last resort" mortgage lenders. We prefer to find a place given your circumstances with more mainstream lenders. Though if it meets your needs and affordability, we have options available for you.

Similarly, they are looking to ensure your bad credit is historical, rectified and unlikely to reoccur.

🔵Do I need a bad credit mortgage broker?

We can increase your options and compare to get you the best mortgage.

Not all mortgage brokers are made the same, and they may specialise in other areas. Otherwise only get calls from certain types of borrowers.

You want a bad credit mortgage broker. A broker that has the experience to identify your requirements. Then apply that with mortgage lender criteria knowledge.

We are that broker, a bad credit mortgage broker able to help many borrowers where other brokers have failed.

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