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Private Medical Insurance

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Private Medical Insurance is an add-on to your Free NHS care. The benefits of Private Medical Insurance include:

  • Faster Diagnosis
  • Faster Treatment
  • Premium Aftercare
  • Access specialist drugs and treatments
  • Private Hospital Room
  • Choosing where you're treated
  • Video GP Appointments
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🔵Do I need Private Medical Insurance?

The main appeal of private healthcare is the greater choice of where and when you are treated and the speed and convenience of getting the treatment.

The NHS is struggling:

  • The number of people on England's NHS waiting list tops 5 million for the first time.
  • The number of people waiting more than 52 weeks to start hospital treatment rose to 304,044.
  • In the last 10 years, the total number of NHS hospital beds decreased by 11%.

We're lucky enough in the UK to have the NHS, but it struggles with funding, spiral queues and wait times. With conservative treatment plans focused on the cost of delivery.

How long do I have to wait for NHS treatment?

50% of Outpatient Appointments are started within:

8 weeks

in average NHS Hospital

50% of Inpatients Appointments are started within:

8 weeks

in average NHS Hospital

Source: April 2023, NHS England: Monthly Referral to Treatment Waiting Times Data

🔵Will the Insurer need my Full Medical History?

With Moratorium policies you only need to give limited information. However, it can be more expensive than Fully Underwritten Policies. With Fully Underwritten Policies, you must provide your private medical insurer with your complete medical history from your GP.

You can choose, but an insurer may request a change to Fully Underwritten, depending on your limited answers.

How much does Private Medical Insurance cost?

It depends on your age, where you live, and how many claims you've had. But you can control the features you have and don't have, which can increase or decrease your premiums.

For example, price ranges from £31-£46 based on a 35-Year-old with a postcode of DT2 quoted with a start date of the 1st February 2023. With In-Patient & Day-Patient treatment with no additional options, £100 Excess and the Guided Hospital Option.

🔵How do I lower the Cost of Private Medical Insurance?

In addition to selecting the Level of Cover, you can reduce costs by:

  • Speak to us It can be a complicated insurance product, so it's best to tell us to tailor the policy to your needs and requirements.
  • Increase Excess If you can afford an increased excess, it can lower your monthly payments.
  • Co-Payments You can agree to pay 10% of any medical treatment to lower the cost. Often, there is a limit to how much you can pay off up to £1,000.
  • Stay Healthy Some insurers will give you discounts if you stay healthy, giving rewards off your premium.
  • Cap Hospital Choices You can limit your Hospital choices to a select panel to reduce cost.
  • Pay annually Instead of monthly, a lump-sum annual payment will be cheaper.
  • Reduce optional extras Optional extras like dental cover, eyecare cover, or access to alternative medicines. To save money, add the ones you need or are most likely to use.

🔵How does Private Medical Insurance Work?

  1. Get referred by a GP

If you have a health problem, you will visit your GP or Video GP, but let them know you have private cover. They'll refer you to a specialist if needed. You may choose private hospitals or specialists not offered by the NHS.

  1. Inform your insurer

You'll then need to tell your insurer you want to make a claim. They'll confirm whether your policy covers the treatment you need, and if it is, your insurer will approve your claim.

  1. Insurer Pays

Your GP will book your appointment. The cost will be covered by your insurance provider so long as your policy is active. You may also be asked to pay an excess toward the cost of treatment, depending on your policy details.

🔵What level of cover is there?

What each insurer offers differs, but we have compiled an average of the three levels of coverage most providers offer.

Cover Budget Standard Comprehensive
Inpatient care
Hospitalization expenses
Outpatient Therapies ⏹️
Physiotherapy ⏹️ ⏹️
Cancer treatment
Psychiatric treatment
in-patient Dental Treatment
Private consultations
Hospital stays
Long-term or chronic conditions ⏹️ ⏹️ ⏹️
Pre-existing medical conditions ⏹️ ⏹️ ⏹️
Pregnancy and childbirth ⏹️ ⏹️ ⏹️

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