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Holiday Let Mortgage (AirBnB, etc)

Get a Mortgage to start your Holiday Let Business

Its challenging finding lenders for Holiday Let Mortgages. Our expert advice can open doors for you.

A holiday let mortgage is a type of loan that is specifically designed for individuals who want to purchase a property that they plan to rent out to tourists on a short-term basis as a business venture.

This type of mortgage is different from a holiday home mortgage, which is a loan that is taken out to finance the purchase of a second home that will only be used by the borrower.

You can not use Buy-to-Let Mortgage or Home Owner Mortgages on a Holiday Let property.

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🏖️How much deposit do I need for a Holiday Let mortgage?

Talk to us about your savings, lets see where you are or where you need to be

The deposit for a Holiday Let mortgage starts at 15% of the property value. Aim for a 25% deposit and 75% LTV Holiday Let Mortgage to maximise rental yield. If required, we can help you raise the deposit by remortgageing your home or your remortgage your buy-to-let Properties.

🏖️How are Holiday Let Mortgage affordability assessed?

Let's use our affordability calculator to determine your target property value range.

At a basic level, mortgage lenders calculate the maximum loan amount based on the standard buy-to-let rental income, as if the property was rented to a family.

Recently, some lenders, have changed their approach. They now assess affordability using an average of low, medium, and high-season expected rental income.

Your own financial situation matters. Lenders consider your income, expenses, and existing debt. They also assess your credit history and conduct stress tests to ensure you can handle potential interest rate increases.

🏖️Who offers holiday let mortgages?

Our goal is to work with every lender available, and we welcome the challenge of finding you the best option.

There are fewer mortgage lenders offering holiday let mortgages than standard buy-to-let mortgages. Some lenders specialize in this niche market. Exploring your options and working with a mortgage adviser who can guide you to suitable lenders is essential.

🏖️Are holiday let mortgages more expensive?

Holiday-let mortgages often have higher interest rates and fees than standard buy-to-let mortgages. However, the potential rental income from holiday lets can offset these costs, making them a viable investment option.

🏖️Talk to our Holiday Let Mortgage Advisers

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