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2 Ways to Remortgage with Leeds Building Society

Leeds Building Society has two types of remortgage products. The first is for existing customers and the other for new customers.

Existing Customer Leeds Building Society Remortgage

When your current Leeds Building Society deal is coming to an end or if you are on Leeds Building Society Variable Rate. You can switch to a new deal with Leeds Building Society. You can also borrow more at the same time.

We can switch your mortgage with Leeds Building Society. It is quick, with no legal fees or valuation fees. You can even do this a few months before your current rate expires.

But... Leeds Building Society often prices existing customer mortgages at a higher rate than a remortgage. It's better to compare Leeds Building Society to the 90+ Other lenders. It is free with Cyborg Finance.

New Customer Leeds Building Society Remortgage

You could save money by asking us to move your current mortgage to Leeds Building Society. You can remortgage if your existing mortgage deal is coming to an end or you are on the lender's Variable Rate.

But... we often have better mortgages with other lenders. That can be a lower mortgage rate or better mortgage features than Leeds Building Society. It's better to compare to the 90+ lenders, and it is free with Cyborg Finance.

Why remortgage with a Broker? Not Leeds Building Society

ou can remortgage with Leeds Building Society direct (dont do that) or via Cyborg Finance. Here are some of the most common reasons to Remortgage with Leeds Building Society via Cyborg Finance.

Lower Mortgage Rates than Leeds Building Society

We may recommend that you remortgage to Leeds Building Society. Except we have over 90+ other mortgage lenders. Mortgage Lenders all competing with Leeds Building Society for your business.

A broker at Leeds Building Society has several mortgage products to offer you, Cyborg Finance have hundreds.

One of the alternatives available from us could mean lower mortgage rates or lower fees.

Higher Chance of a Mortgage than Leeds Building Society

Leeds Building Society has set criteria. Suppose you apply to a mortgage from Leeds Building Society which is declined. That is the end, no mortgage.

At Cyborg Finance we not only have the Criteria of Leeds Building Society. We also have the criteria of 90+ other mortgage lenders. We try to fit you with the best lender that will accept your circumstances on the first try.

If you do get declined, we have all your detail and can try alternative lenders with different criteria or underwriting.

Easier than Leeds Building Society

Finding and then completing a mortgage can be a stressful process. Cyborg Finance works for you, its stress-free or at least we try to be.

We can take the administration and handling of the lender away from you. We know what each lender will require from you. Reducing the time spent going back and forth with new requests for information.

More Legal Protection than Leeds Building Society

When you receive Mortgage Advice from Cyborg Finance, we have a duty of care to you. We must recommend a suitable mortgage and justify why the mortgage you have chosen is right for you. If our advice is not up to scratch, you can complain and get compensation. Leeds Building Society does not recommend the most suitable mortgage available in the market. Just from them.

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