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Our Technology

Technology Summary

We build great FinTech but only to deliver great client outcomes. We mainly use open source technology as our building blocks and like to open up our technology for others to build on top.

Cyborg Finance Systems are principally custom made, built and maintained in house. Custom designed to ensure superior client outcomes and ensure regulatory compliance.

We do this, with a little help of our friends. It's implausible for us to develop our own Operating System, Programming Framework, etc.. Instead, we avoid the use of closed systems, embracing Open Source Projects or API's that empowers us to customise to fit our needs.

A noted advantage of this approach is negating the use of commercial paid software reducing fixed overheads. Cost-saving measures that enable us to remain competitive.

So this webpage will showcase some of the projects, tools and services we use in thanks for helping us.

In return, we regularly make our FinTech code public. With Open Source (Commercial Licence) or via our Application Programming Interface (API). It's made available as re-inventing the wheel is in no one's benefit. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

Built With..

This is our current Technology Stack

Tailwind CSS
Laravel Forge
Digital Ocean

It's about service, not technology

Disruption Starts with Unhappy Customers, Not Technology. At the forefront of our delivery of mortgage advice is service. We develop our tools to enhance our service to deliver for happy clients.

It's not "look at what we built" but "look at how it helps us serve our clients".

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